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Love Detection

End of term last year and over Christmas we were set a project to think about love detection. We were tasked to think how we could gather enough information to detect love.

At first I tried to think in simple terms, what are the physical elements that can be measured when someone falls in love? Then I thought how could those be recorded? These elements would include heart rate, perspiration, speech, face recognition, body language, etc.

I created a powerpoint presentation, where I describe each idea…

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Christopher HattonLove Detection

Max MSP 6 – Music Mixer

Max 6 is software for computers to allow the creation of almost mind-map looking circuits. You have a range of tools at your disposal to be able to create a function. This could be a blinking light or virtual keyboard programmed to play a tune. The great thing about the software is you can attached devices to the computer to input or output information. So for example, you can attach a MIDI keyboard to record music or a webcam to manipulate the video it captures.

Our brief was to capture some form of information and represent it differently using the Max 6 software

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Christopher HattonMax MSP 6 – Music Mixer

Websites Portfolio

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve added a new section to my main website, under codework > websites, to display websites I have created. It features three websites I’ve created so far.

  • Electric Snow – I put together a website to support my music band during the time I was at college.
  • PSPLinux – A website that hosts links to community projects for running Linux on the Playstation® Portable hand-held.
  • Steve Loton – A graphic designer who wanted a revamped website, built from his designs.

For more information on those projects, please click here.

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Christopher HattonWebsites Portfolio