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A Binary Calculator & Vending Machine | Visual Basic

I’ve now added a couple of my computing projects to my website. Both were created using Microsoft’s Visual Basic, a programming software. You can download and try them out if you like by following the links below (You need to be on a computer that runs on Microsoft Windows… sorry Linux and Mac users, though you could use Wine). I will add download links to the source files sometime in the not so distant future, for those who would like it.

The one project was purely to create a calculator that could add, subtract, multiply and divide. But I wanted to push it further and because I had learnt how to calculate binary and hexadecimal digits in Maths, I included binary conversion as well with the option to copy and paste values into the calculator. Incorporating binary conversion wasn’t too problematic because, as I mentioned before, we had learn about it in Maths and I had gone onto creating a spreadsheet version which can also carry out the same calculation when values are entered. I still need to include hexadecimal conversion to the calculator.

Calculator & Binary Converter – Info & Downloads

The other project was to create vending machine. All it had to do was function, and be able to vend an item that a user had chosen after the right amount of money was entered. Any situations where the running of the vending machine would be outside the norm, like the user not inserting enough money for example, it was made sure they could be correctly resolved, such as displaying a message.

‘Tree Leaf Café’ Vending Machine – Info & Downloads

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Christopher HattonA Binary Calculator & Vending Machine | Visual Basic