DAT301 | 3rd Year | 2011/12

This module develops audio and visual production skills with a specific application to the manifestation of information drawn from a variety of sources, disciplines and media. Students will develop techniques for rendering visual and acoustic representations across a range of resolutions through animation, illustration, dynamic data, and immersive dome environments.

The main theme of the module is to represent data/information artistically; also known as Information Graphics (iDAT). To keep a log of our progress through this module, we each have been asked create a blog to record our projects.

My posts are as follows (latest at the top)…

Final Project: Subliminal Fitness – DAT; complete

All the laser-cut plans have been cut and assembled, and my classmate wired up the LEDs for the light-box. Rocker switches were bought for the light-box to make it aesthetically pleasing to use and the results, especially for the light-box… were astonishing! ‘Processing’ was used to draw up the data visually in all cases. The

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Final Project: Subliminal Fitness – DAT; creating the products

I left my classmate (Stephen Dunn) to attach one of the 20 pedometers to the heart rate monitor he was putting together. We were not able to obtain data from a group of volunteers in the end, due to time, but Stephen recorded the data of his activity over 24hours (A day per volunteer would

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Final Project: Subliminal Fitness – DAT; research

We did some research to find some inspiration for our idea, and basically where we could take the project next. Our most significant find was the work by Simon Faithfull, which we saw at an art exhibition held at our University recently. The installation was of lit Perspex displays depicting travels he had undertaken. This
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Final Project: Subliminal Fitness – DAT; ideas

As a start we drew up some ideas together. We were thinking that the project should have multiple outcomes based on the same theme. The above image shows the kind of products we were thinking of. The running theme throughout the project is that the user is unaware of the amount of fitness they are
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Final Project: Subliminal Fitness – DAT

It is now the point in the module when we need to individually, or group up, and formulise a final project proposal. In summary, me and a classmate (Stephen Dunn), are going to hook up six volunteers with a heart rate monitor and pedometer for 24 hours each. The volunteers will not know why they

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LED Light Cube: Complete

We (Stephen Dunn, included) created concept designs and mock ups of what we would build. From those designs we were able to judge what the outcome should look like. Then we painstakingly soldered together all the LEDs into a wire-frame; a few LEDs blew along the way, which was annoying because they had to be

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LED light cube of information

Our guest lecturer gave us a talk on ECOIDS and how they are being used across Devon at the moment to capture data such as: Stretch (wind), humidity, light, water flow, etc. Each ECOIDS wirelessly relays the information back to a hub where the data is catalogued. The information can then been read in XML

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Love Detection

End of term last year and over Christmas we were set a project to think about love detection. We were tasked to think how we could gather enough information to detect love. At first I tried to think in simple terms, what are the physical elements that can be measured when someone falls in love?

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Max MSP 6 – Music Mixer

Max 6 is software for computers to allow the creation of almost mind-map looking circuits. You have a range of tools at your disposal to be able to create a function. This could be a blinking light or virtual keyboard programmed to play a tune. The great thing about the software is you can attached

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Kinect Project – Lava Walking Man


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Flash RSS Feed Representation

It was demonstrated, by the lecturer, that we can grab raw data from a RSS feed and import it into Flash. From there, we can use the data to manipulate shapes and lines. So our task for the next three weeks was to

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