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Love Detection

End of term last year and over Christmas we were set a project to think about love detection. We were tasked to think how we could gather enough information to detect love.

At first I tried to think in simple terms, what are the physical elements that can be measured when someone falls in love? Then I thought how could those be recorded? These elements would include heart rate, perspiration, speech, face recognition, body language, etc.

I created a powerpoint presentation, where I describe each idea…

I chose to pursue the moistness sensor because a key method of recording came to mind. A Hygrometer or Psychrometer could be used to take a reading of perspiration. Either that, a sheet of glass could be held against the body collect condensation to the glass over a specific time. A webcam could be used to analyse the amount of precipitation on the glass. The scan will have to take place while the user is not feeling the sensation of love, and then when they are so as to record a difference. The device could be used to measure fitness of different user over a period of activity.

Christopher HattonLove Detection
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