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Final Project: Subliminal Fitness – DAT; complete

All the laser-cut plans have been cut and assembled, and my classmate wired up the LEDs for the light-box. Rocker switches were bought for the light-box to make it aesthetically pleasing to use and the results, especially for the light-box… were astonishing!

‘Processing’ was used to draw up the data visually in all cases. The bar chart and spiral representations were manipulated with Adobe Illustrator. We would have liked the process to be completely automated in Illustrater, but some human interaction is needed.

There is space compartment in the tray of slides; we imagine if this were a business/product users may receive badges for achieving goals that would be place in that space of the tray (as demonstrated in the images – the badges were created by my flatmate).



Christopher HattonFinal Project: Subliminal Fitness – DAT; complete
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