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Christopher Hatton Illustrator & Coder

After graduating from an bachelor of arts in illustration, Chris went on to complete a bachelor of science in computing. He still illustrates, but his prime focus at present is creating websites, web based applications, and chilli sauce! His skills range from the use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, to programming with Ruby on Rails.

Obviously trust is a big element when it comes to asking someone to do some work for you, especially if you have no past experience working with the person. The only way that one can gauge how reliable someone is going to be, is by having a look at their previous work and taking the risk. Hopefully I can ease your worry of risk by letting you look through my previous work and telling you a little bit more about myself.

I mainly create and manage websites on the platforms WordPress and Shopify. I have had close to five years experience in website development and seen how rapidly the web has changed over time. The last two years of that I have worked on multiple Shopify websites, an ecommerce platform that is increasingly becoming very popular (If you are thinking of having an online shop, I highly recommend Shopify as a platform).

Throughout school I always had an interest in art and pursued it right into university by taking up an illustration degree. But that is not the only interest I have had. I was introduced to personal computers when I was six years old, and saw the introduction of the Internet with the dial-up modem. Having always had an appeal in computing I decided to do a computing degree; directly after completing the illustration degree. It was there that I really got to grips with web development and programming languages.

So how does this benefit you? Well because of the breadth of experience I have obtained over the years, you know that I will be able to put together a website or web application that you have been dreaming to have. I have seen multiple times how people that have gone with other developers that do not seem to really know what they are doing; seen shortcuts they have taken; and hear of the jargon they tell their client to misdirect them. You can be assured that I will not mislead you, and there will be constant communication to ascertain trust. Also, coming from an artistic background, you know that whatever I will put together for you will be visually stunning! I will make sure that the website you are after looks professional and clean.

What I do best?

Here is a run through of some of the areas I work in most. Hopefully reading through the items you may be able to gauge a better understanding of what I can do...


If you are looking to have a design sliced into a web page, then I can make sure that it structured pixel perfect. HTML is a markup language that is responsible for the structure of the webpage. Version 5 added new elements, attributes, and behaviors, and increased set of technologies that can allow for more diverse and powerful websites/applications. If there is an adventurous structure that you are after, then chances are that I can put it together.


CSS is used to style and animate the webpage. CSS3 is the latest version of the Cascading Style Sheets language that adds features like rounded corners, shadows, gradients, transitions or animations. It can be a very powerful tool for creating the greatest visual impact. I will make sure the website matches your design.

JavaScript / jQuery

JavaScript is the programming language to help manipulate HTML and CSS. jQuery is a framework built using JavaScript to aid in faster development. It makes it easier to create animations or edit content. You can use JavaScript/jQuery to make AJAX calls that can heighten the experience of the website by pulling in or updating content in the current web page, and also add/update stored data.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails, or simply Rails, is a web application framework written in Ruby. It speeds up development as it cuts out the repetition of what you would necessary do when writing PHP. It is also secure by making sure common loopholes are already covered. Rails is great if you want a custom web application or would like a plugin to an already set up website, like Shopify.


WordPress is a well established and popular personal publishing platform. This website has been built on it. If you are looking for a platform to be able to easily edit the content or keep a blog, then WordPress is the one to go for. The platform is free and regularly kept up to date. It also offers many free plugins that can hopefully solve any requirement.


Shopify is an ecommerce platform for those who require an online shop. It is still relatively new and rapidly becoming popular. You do have to pay a monthly subscription to use it, but it is well worth the cost for it’s ease of use, customisability, and statistical data it offers the shopkeeper. I have worked on a numerous amount of Shopify stores, and would recommend it to any client after an online store. The Shopify team has not only made it a friendly environment for users, but also for developers. This means you are more likely to get the result you are after.


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