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Final Project: Subliminal Fitness – DAT

It is now the point in the module when we need to individually, or group up, and formulise a final project proposal.

In summary, me and a classmate (Stephen Dunn), are going to hook up six volunteers with a heart rate monitor and pedometer for 24 hours each. The volunteers will not know why they are wearing the device or what the data will be used for.

The two devices will create a data log which can be used to create product outcomes such as; a Perspex slab that has been laser etched with the data visually. The output will be in the form of information graphics.

The aim is to make the user visually aware that they do not need to go to the gym to keep fit and healthy.

To download our proposal or slideshow presentation, click the relative link below…



Christopher HattonFinal Project: Subliminal Fitness – DAT
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