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Flash RSS Feed Representation 2

Much like the Flash product I and a classmate created to represent earthquake data (, I decided to create another one to suit the assignment of a different module. The task was to create a product that would grab information or communication with another computer via WAN i.e. Such as the Internet.

I had a better understanding of the Actionscript used to program in Flash – So I could really play with it. It ran on the same principle, of reading through the XML RSS feed data.

  • The horizontal green line = Depth
  • The breadth of green line shake = Earthquake Magnitude

I wanted to add a physics engine to it, so that blocks could shake side-to-side depending on the magnitude of the earthquake.

I looked into Box2D for Flash…

There is a Java version… (You will need a HTML5 compatible browser)

I urge you to check out both links… they are interactive demos!

Christopher HattonFlash RSS Feed Representation 2
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